3-2-1 Leader, Inspiring a Team in Project Mode
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3-2-1 Leader

Inspiring a Team in Project Mode

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The spectacular engagement of younger generations in the launch of start-ups
or social enterprises reflects their appetite for participating in meaningful
projects. The growing questioning of hierarchical authority, fueled by the
increasingly relevant individual knowledge, by the rise of digital
intelligence and by smart, collaborative thinking, makes the task of leading
their teams increasingly difficult for managers - unless they have an engaging
project to offer.
The purpose of this book is to help managers and entrepreneurs to decide
whether entrepreneurial leadership suits them in their environment. It aims at
preparing them for this practice, step by step: how to recognize oneself as a
leader, build an engaging project, embody a collective plan, cultivate trust-
based relationships, anticipate transitions and draw lessons from experience.
The author delivers key lessons, drawn from his long and diverse personal
experience in management, and presents testimonials from fifteen managers and
A seasoned consultant and manager, Philippe Masson specializes today in
strategic support and development of management teams. His vision of
leadership combines his skills as a strategist and his experience as a
humanist manager.
Paul Hermelin (Chairman and CEO of the Capgemini Group) for the preface, Éric
Labaye (President of the McKinsey Global Institute) for the foreword and
Bertrand Collomb (Honorary Chairman of Lafarge) for the postface also
contributed to this book, illustrated by Lise Démoulin.
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