Africa and the Digital 'Leapfrog'
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Africa and the Digital 'Leapfrog'



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The world is entering the digital era. What does this mean for Africa?

The conclusion is clear. With strong growth in mobile phone access, the gradual roll-out of broadband and myriad new startups, African innovation is moving full steam ahead with new uses and disruptive everyday solutions.

In this book, Jean-Michel Huet presents five digital advances allowing Africa to skip development stages and get ready to overtake other continents.

The five digital jumps, also known as 'leapfrogs', encompass the whole of the African economy, from telecoms to mobile financial services, e-commerce, e-government and the collaborative platform economy.

With interviews and case studies, Africa and the Digital ‘Leapfrog' reveals a modern Africa that is – at times – ahead of the rest of the world.
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