Hydrogen is the New Oil, How 7 energy battles are giving birth to a carbon-free world
Le Cherche Midi
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Hydrogen is the New Oil

How 7 energy battles are giving birth to a carbon-free world

Le Cherche Midi


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There will be no energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies, but a clean break, a Big Bang!
Clean, almost infinite, universally available energy from the sun, wind and water? And easy to transport over long distances and to store for months? And so cheap that it could match the price of an oil barrel as early as 2020?
In barely a decade, 7 global energy battles have shaped up: shale oil and gas and the reversal of peak oil, super competitive solar and wind power, cheap batteries and the electrification of transport, the digitalization of power grids, the descent of energy companies into stranded assets, the geopolitical emergence of China and, most important of all, spiraling climate change.
These battles are now converging into a historic convulsion, abruptly opening the gates of renewable hydrogen and sealing the inexorable decline of the world of fossil fuels. The time has come for a new, zero-carbon energy world order!
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