Society and Solitude, Love and Friendship
LM Publishers
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Society and Solitude, Love and Friendship

LM Publishers


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Content :

\- Society and Solitude

\- Love

\- Friendship

“We have known many fine geniuses with that imperfection that they cannot do
anything useful, not so much as write one clean sentence: 'T is worse, and
tragic, that no man is fit for society who has fine traits. At a distance, he
is admired; but bring him hand to hand, he is a cripple. One protects himself
by solitude, and one by courtesy, and one by an acid, worldly manner,—each
concealing how he can the thinness of his skin and his incapacity for strict
association. But there is no remedy that can reach the heart of the disease,
but either habits of self-reliance that should go in practice to making the
man independent of the human race, or else a religion of love. Now he hardly
seems entitled to marry; for how can he protect a woman, who cannot protect
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