Ulla von Brandenburg (English Edition)
Palais de Tokyo
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Palais de Tokyo’s monographic books
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Ulla von Brandenburg (English Edition)

Palais de Tokyo

Palais de Tokyo’s monographic books


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From a background rich in literature and the history of arts and
architecture—as well as psychoanalysis, spiritism and magic—Ulla von
Brandenburg explores the shaping of our social constructs with borrowings from
theatrical codes and mechanisms, together with esoteric rituals and popular
ceremonies. For her exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo she has conceived a
total, constantly evolving project inspired by the theatre, its imaginary
realm and its conventions. With ritual as her starting point, she invites the
public to experience an immersive reinterpretation of the themes, forms and
motifs—including movement, the stage, colour, music and textiles—that fuel her
oeuvre. Book published on the occasion of Ulla von Brandenburg’s solo
exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo, 21.02 – 17.05.2020
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