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Deep rivers, Selected Writings on Tamil literature
Institut français de Pondichéry
Date de publication
Mondes Indiens/South Asia

Deep rivers

Selected Writings on Tamil literature

Institut français de Pondichéry

Mondes Indiens/South Asia


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This book brings together for the first time in English all the major essays
written by François Gros on Tamil literature. An impressive range of topics is
covered here from studies of Caṅkam literature and devotional texts of the
Tamil Bhakti traditions to contemporary Tamil novels and short stories. Many
of the essays include an overview of French Indological work over past three
centuries made available to the English speaking scholarly world for the first
time here. While the author urges European and American scholars of Tamil
history and culture to take the intellectual discourses of Tamil scholarship
seriously, he insists at the same time that Tamil not be ghettoized but should
rather be read alongside texts in other South Indian languages, with reference
to the evidence of epigraphy, numismatics, archaeology and art history.
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